Our Favorite Cooling Aveda Ingredients

We’ve developed a major fixation on Aveda products that feature cooling herbs and ingredients. Think of them as your own personal, purse-sized AC units.

Beauty Resolutions You’ll Love Sticking To

Seven beauty resolutions that aren’t just rewarding in the long term—they’ll make you feel good while you’re actually doing them.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine


 Whether it’s the minimalism that’s been a runway mainstay for so many seasons or the organization fervor spawned by Marie Kondo’s bestseller…

It's 2015. You go first.

Nearly half of Americans start off the new year by making resolutions. And, depressingly, studies show that a whopping 92 percent of them never see them through. It turns out that the act itself of setting New Year’s resolutions can set us up to fail. When you resolve to make changes that are too ambitious, not planned out well, or so full of potential roadblocks that they throw you off track, it’s easy to become discouraged and quit.